We help you get stronger.

It's as simple as that.

From our coaching to our smelling salts, our goal in life is to help you achieve a higher level of strength and personal accomplishment.

SLB Online Coaching employs a unique combination of tailored diet plans, targeted supplementation, and RPE-based training to empower every client to surpass their strength objectives. This method has consistently fueled the success of individuals across all levels, from juniors to elite professionals, leading to the attainment of numerous state and national records, along with an impressive tally of 12 world records.

In addition, SLB Coaching offers exclusive women's wellness and bodybuilding coaching led by a female coach.

Valkyrie's Vision 

Valkyrie's Vision is a comprehensive lifestyle assessment, offering a tailored plan to help you achieve the body you desire most.

Amanda Marie Doherty will schedule three monthly coaching calls to help keep you on track and focused on what matters most to you. 

From your initial assessment, a nutrition and training plan will be sent to you which will be revisited and revised as needed based on your feedback during our coaching calls.

What matters to me is the end result of getting YOU where you want to go.


Services Offered

12 Week Online Squat, Bench and Deadlift Programming

Online programming includes diet, supplementation and coaching calls.

12 Week Online General Women's Wellness and Bodybuilding Programming

 Online programming includes diet, supplementation and coaching calls.

Schedule through Calendly link below or email at for more info.


How many times?  How many times will you fail… and not quit… not give up? If you haven’t found something in this life that makes you happy… find it now… and no matter how many times you fail at it just keep trying. The enemy thrives upon your defeat.  Give him nothing. There is absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish with hard work, consistency and faith. 

Never Give Up

Geomar Scarlet Showdown 2023

Karl World Record