SLB Online Coaching implements the combination of diet, supplementation and RPE based training designed specifically to advance each individual client to meet their strength goals. This method of training has proven effective from Junior level to Elite Professional athletes earning clients countless State and National Records in addition to 12 World Records.

Services Offered

12 Week Online Squat, Bench and Deadlift Programming

Weekly Deadlift Only Online Programming

One On One In Person Training / In Person Competition Coaching

Strength Seminar

6 Week Phase 1 Personalized Deadlift Program

6 Week Phase 1 Personalized Bench Program

Non Client Competition 4 Week Diet Program


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How many times?  How many times will you fail… and not quit… not give up? If you haven’t found something in this life that makes you happy… find it now… and no matter how many times you fail at it just keep trying. The enemy thrives upon your defeat.  Give him nothing. There is absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish with hard work, consistency and faith. 

Never Give Up

Geomar Scarlet Showdown 2023

Karl World Record